Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weekly to "Daily", aka, when I feel like it

Here are the poor orphaned bits of writing this week so far...

          2.07 with 1 min walking break in sweltering 11:30 AM heat. This was a bad idea.

          I wore my pink yoga tights to run, and a lady running opposite pointed at me with a huge grin and said, "You look like CANDY!"

          Ahh, runners.

          Too much Ashtanga. Pooped.

          1.55 with the canine runner.

          She ran into a burr bush and I had to cut away half of her right ear hair. *sigh* How are you ever going to find a mate like this, Two-Two?!

          There were a couple of runners ahead of us, and Two raced ahead to get at their heels. She darted left, darted right, left, right, right left, sniffed their ankles, until one of them noticed and started laughing. It's so nice having a canine friend along for the ride. Especially one that makes human friends so easily.

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