Saturday, 28 July 2012

Running - week five

July 22 to 28
Miles last week: 10.25
Miles this week: 11.66

          1.29 with my little canine friend.

          1.75 on a humid morning.  I'm eager for 2 miles to become easy.

          Signed up for the 10K in September, so it logically, I swam 750 meters in the pool.

          Oh Running Gods quick and nimble, help meeeeeeeeee....

          2.53 miles with 1 min breaks of walking.

          A guy running the opposite way gave me the thumbs up and said, "I love your style. Great form!" in the best Chinglish accent ever.

          BOOYA! I'M A GAZELLE.

          2.85 far-too-ambitious miles (with 1 min walking breaks).

          I didn't think I'd make it home.

          A solid performance at the shala, and then 850 meters in the pool.

         A lifeguard starting chatting with me about my past racing experience, so I felt really flattered because I've never raced. He said I have really good form.

          If people keep talking to me like this my head is gonna be as big as the moon.

         3.24 miles with 1 min walking breaks. Rest days are AMAZING for mileage! WOW! I calculated my pace. It's about 10 minutes per mile, which isn't too shabby, I think.

          Maybe I can do this 10K thing!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Running - week four

July 15 to July 21
Miles last week: 5.29
Miles this week: 10.25

          It rained. A. Lot.

          Not that rain should stop me from running. But digging out my gutter with bare hands and shoveling water out of my garage sure did. That's what friends are for, eh?

          1.91 cool, wet miles in the morning.

          The swimming pool is CLOSED!? What am I going to do about my back, my ribs, my condition, man?! HOW AM I EVER GOING TO GET BETTER IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR POOL TO WOOORRRKKKK?!?!?!?

          1.94 disappointed-about-the-pool miles in soupy, muggy heat.

          850 meters in the pool. 1.17 miles on the pavement.

          Moon day today, and it certainly felt like it! All I wanted to do was cuddle my dog and eat chocolate cookies.

          So I did.

          800 meters in the pool. 1.58 miles on the pavement, galloping with my little canine friend.

          We ran the poop out of her. We ran the pee out of her. And then we ran the gallop out of her too. She's a puddle of hot dog now. :)

          1.35 miles with Steven at Steven-pace.

          We ran the sleepy out of me. We ran the "good morning!" out of him. And then we ran the Steven-pace out of Steven. :)

Saturday afternoon
          I felt so good after the run with Steven in the morning, that I did 2.3 with the dog in the afternoon. Breaks for water and belly rubs.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Running - week three

July 8 to 14
Miles last week: 8.37
Miles this week: 5.29

          Rest day...that is, a day of teaching many, many classes, so no breaking records today. I'm a money-making maaachine (that is, money-sucking machine. Someone get me a JOOOOBBBB!!!).

          Ashtanga kicked my ass. That is all.

          750 meters in the pool. 1.28 miles on the pavement.

          Swimming is getting easier! It's like I've got my gills back. Easier to breathe, easier to paddle, easier to push through the tired parts. Running also felt like a dream after two days of rest. I got into such a good rhythm, it felt like a shame to stop.

          1.17 miles with Steven. He made me run really fast. Really fast. Bluurrgghhh.

          Ashtanga, I kicked your ass. Thanks.

          800 meters in the pool. 1.28 hard, hot miles on the pavement.


          1.56 miles. My left ankle is bothering me... hrrmm...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Running - week two

July 1 to July 7
Miles last week: 4.51
Miles this week: 8.37

          1.33 miles in the most perfect weather for a jog--cool, breezy and sunny. I could've kept going, but I was thirsty and hungry.

            Arrived in New York! Explored the financial district and walked up to Soho for some shopping. About 7 or 8 hrs on my feet? Exhausted.

            1 mile on the treadmill, at a 1.5 incline. Horrible, dreadful thing. It’s boring as hell and not exactly challenging. I don’t think I lost control of my breath, like sometimes the outdoors makes me do.

            More walking today!

          A beautiful, rainy 1.63 around Battery City Park NY. It's so nice to not know where you're going!

          Caught my flight home, the sistah picked me up at the airport, and the 2-dog-alien-thing mauled me as soon as I got in the door.

          Then, I did 1.61 miles in the evening in the T dot O dot. I miss the unpredictableness of a new landscape. It gets boring to run around the neighborhood, you know?

          I've forgotten how to swim.

          I think I once knew how...and I knew how to surf, too, right? I'm an embarrassment to the sport...both of them...

         Anyway, I muscled my way through 500 meters in the pool. And then 1.16 miles on a run. Hopefully, I can increase mileages of both my swims and runs...


          1.64 miles.

          An old man passed me.

          I don't think I'm taking over the world.... *sigh*

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Running - week one

June 24 to 30
Miles this week: 4.51

          Ate some ice cream, watched some tv, otherwise lazy and sore from Sunday marathon teaching

          1.17 miles, developing a nasty-ass blister on my right big toe. Ugh.

          I woke up today feeling raunchy. Could hardly walk on my left ankle. No running today.

          Tried to sneak into the YMCA with my sister's pass, but got caught and thrown out. BOO.

          So, I did 1.28 miles around the neighborhood. Gotta work that left Plantar Fascia.

          Maybe I'll swim tomorrow...

          Feeling fat and regretting the burger + frings from Harveys at midnight last night.... *guilt*

          1.27 miles. It's one of those days when you notice every slight rise in the ground, and every slight downhill feels like heaven.

          Walked over to the community pool and found it CLOSED UNTIL JULY 3. There goes that idea!

          Pathetic 0.79 miles. Going out at 12:30 was a bad idea. It was so hot my shoes melted right off my feet.

          OK, no they didn't, but still. I'm meltinggggg.....