Monday, 27 August 2012

Brunch and Axe-Throwing Madness

Saturday was Axe-Throwingly Eventful!

First, I went to brunch with the girls, then I abused my dog's pride, and lastly, I threw and axe and killed dinner for my clan. Just kidding.

1) Brunch

I met up with three of my favorite people for some mid-morning eats.

This girl is on a ketogenic diet for the first week. She had sausage and shots of cream for breakfast.

Somehow, her potato wedges ended up in my stomach.

This woman is a scientific marvel. She eats french toast for breakfast, crepes for lunch, and cakes for dinner. And she's tall and skinny. Still. *sigh*

I don't know about this crazy. She was sitting beside me and smiling like a maniac, so we gave her some pepper. 

She followed us home.

Maybe we'll keep her. :) 

2) Two-Two's pride

By the time I got home and killed 2 hours sitting in front of the computer doing nothing, it was time to get going for our axe-ellent date. 

That means I didn't have time to walk the Two.

So I left a note for my sister:

You know you've broken her pride when your sister finds the note still attached to the dog when she got home half an hour later.

3) Axe Throwing

There are no words for the awesomeness of axe throwing.

That's right fellas. I hit a bulls-eye on my first swing. I'm an axe-wielding BEAST!

Nevermind I lost the tournament later.



  1. way to go!! hehe. :)

    oh, and that brunch there...i'm drooling now. french toast for me please!!

  2. Haha If they have a backyard axe-throwing league where you are, you should definitely try it! It takes all the aggression (and arm power) out!

    Thanks for visiting!