Why "Seven Pairs"?

In 2009, I wrote a blog post entitled "life lessons. stop and read a bit, if you would". On it, I listed 9 lessons that I had learned so far in my time living and working abroad. Lucky number 7 was this...

          Religiously ensure the total number of underwear you have amounts to 7 or more.

          And hold on to that yucky #8. You know what I'm talking about. The ultimate in-reserve pair of underwear. The one you'll never want anyone to see you wear. The one your grandma would be embarrassed to wear. Frilly bows, weird fabric, uncomfy fit, chafing. You know what I'm saying.


          One day, the laundry machine WILL break down and you'll be shit out of luck because you only have 7 pairs of underwear damnit. 

This blog is the dramatization of the mundane events in my life. Sometimes, my stories are illustrated. Sometimes, they're not.

I hope something will make you laugh, something will make you think, and maybe something will inspire you.


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