Monday, 13 August 2012

This is a whole new world of sore

I did pretty well on my weekday runs this week.

I ran 3.67 on Monday, 3.24 on Wednesday and 4 miles even on Saturday. All of them were relatively easy, but definitely pushing my endurance (and do-not-vomit) limits.

Thursday morning was a whole new world of pain. There was a pulling, nervy, tight sensation in my right hip, which abated as soon as I stretched it. It launched me into a 30 minute yoga thing with lots of groaning, moaning, and concerned Two-Two love-snuffles.

In other news, it rained all Friday and Saturday.

This is a picture of the Dirt Sponge's paw after a wet walk.

If you can't tell, the grass is threaded into her hair. *sigh*

The Olympics have tired me out. Just the thought of a 2:08 marathon, a 1:46 10K open water swim, and throwing javelins (in today's world, a very necessary life skill), I needed to carb load.

This is a picture of my cravings-come-to-life.

The green stuff on the bottom is spinach (a.k.a. guilt). 

Now I sit, the neon-orange chemicals permeating my skin, plunging my body into a toxic carb coma of preservatives and pseudo-cheese sauce.

I am satisfied.

Goal of the week: MORE ASHTANGA!

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