Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Longer Runs

This blog post goes out to all ya'll real runners. You know, the peeps who know what you're doing?

Oh, you're only here to see pictures of my dog?

Um. Scroll down.

So now that we've got rid of the people who obviously have their priorities straight, here's my situation:

I've been running for about 10 weeks now, and last week I did 14.97 miles. I'm injury-free and increasing mileage on my longer runs (today, I did 4.73 miles!!!) steadily.

I've been following a 10 min run-1 min walk formula that works really well. I feel like it's pulling me through increasing my mileage more than anything else.

So, with that said, should I start working on giving it up and going for continuous run? What's the difference, if there is any?

Also, what's all this shnazzle about "tempo" and "fartleks"?

One sounds embarrassing to do in public and the other like a brand of yogurt.

You found her! Congrats!

She is hiding under the table because Thunder and Lightning are going to destroy the world, but possibly not this spot under the table therefore she is safe.

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