Thursday, 23 August 2012

Garlic is good for digestion?

Today, I set out for an ambitious "Let's go as FAR as I can go" run.

It turned out to be 4.68 miles of increasing agony.

When people say their run felt like a shark gnawing on their legs or a grizzly was chasing them, believe it. Because it's your responsibility to grab a big stick and knock the shark on it's big fat head, or tackle the grizzly American-football-style and go to town on some animal a$$.

Without causing irreparable damage, of course. Ahimsa and all that shiznaz, right brothas and sistas HOLLAH.

Did I mention that I'm tired, and it's 11 at night?

That's why I sound like a crazy person.


 My dog got a hair cut (ok, this is a lie, she got the haircut yesterday).

 I went to the grocery store and bought my favorite store-bought veggie burgers.

I made a dinner of tzatziki, spiced rice, roasted zucchini and salad. It gave Steven a stomach ache. I think it was the raw garlic in the tzatziki.

Raw garlic seems to cause indigestion in some people, but I really think it's just the way garlic stimulates the digestive track to move your shit out, or peristalsis, if you like your big fancy words (cuz I really do). And there is nothing wrong with clearing out the pipes.

I took him for some froyo because I made his tummy hurt.

We grabbed Steven's friend, Jess, the mochi ball virgin, and deflowered her.

Can you guess who wrote that?

Lastly, a Big Decision has recently been made. I will update you on what exactly that is when more plans are made, but it's something that will affect the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (not really), so stay tuned!

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