Monday, 20 August 2012

My Vibrams stank something awful

Even after the thorough scrubbing (with soap! I swear!), my Vibrams stank like a diaper full of Indian food (get the reference, I'll give you a limited-time-offer e-high-five!).

I've never had to wash my feet so thoroughly, but it's the only way to get the Vibram stank out. Too much information? You're totally in the wrong place.

Friday afternoon, I put on my Housewife Hat and made veggie shepherd's pie.

Dinner with my friend Channel 41 Slice. Don't judge me.

I divvied up the pie in a whole bunch of little ramekins for easy week night eats. I wrapped them up in saran wrap and went out to see Steven for our exciting Friday night date (I don't even remember what we did. It involved either mochi balls or bubble tea, possibly both. And then we both crashed at 10:37 PM. Like we do every night.)

The next day, they've mysteriously disappeared.

Luckily, Steven sensed my wrath and quickly took me to CNE. I think it's been more than 10 years since I've been to that place!

This weekend was the warrior parade. When the home country came out, I had to rush out like a  madwoman and take glorious iPhone pics and cheer. Naturally.

After the parade (OK, that's a lie, after Taiwan passed by), Steven and I wandered over to something called Flow Rider.

"Oh, man, if we had known they had something like this, we could've brought swim stuff! Then you could've surfed!" Steven says.

"Um..." I awkwardly say, "I sort of brought a bikini just in case you'd let me go on..."

"What do you mean?!"

"I knew they had this thing. I saw it on the CNE book, but I didn't want to pressure you into doing it. We can do other things. Wander around, you know..."


He took out his wallet and paid. And I surfed. Oh baby, did I surf.

I want one of these at home.

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