Saturday, 28 July 2012

Running - week five

July 22 to 28
Miles last week: 10.25
Miles this week: 11.66

          1.29 with my little canine friend.

          1.75 on a humid morning.  I'm eager for 2 miles to become easy.

          Signed up for the 10K in September, so it logically, I swam 750 meters in the pool.

          Oh Running Gods quick and nimble, help meeeeeeeeee....

          2.53 miles with 1 min breaks of walking.

          A guy running the opposite way gave me the thumbs up and said, "I love your style. Great form!" in the best Chinglish accent ever.

          BOOYA! I'M A GAZELLE.

          2.85 far-too-ambitious miles (with 1 min walking breaks).

          I didn't think I'd make it home.

          A solid performance at the shala, and then 850 meters in the pool.

         A lifeguard starting chatting with me about my past racing experience, so I felt really flattered because I've never raced. He said I have really good form.

          If people keep talking to me like this my head is gonna be as big as the moon.

         3.24 miles with 1 min walking breaks. Rest days are AMAZING for mileage! WOW! I calculated my pace. It's about 10 minutes per mile, which isn't too shabby, I think.

          Maybe I can do this 10K thing!

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