Saturday, 25 August 2012

I did good this week!

My runs this week have felt fantastic. Each time I embark on a longer(ish) run, I feel stronger and faster. I'm still stuck with the 10run1walk formula because it works so well for me, but I definitely feel a huge improvement. 

The highlight of my week was the 4.68 miles I did on Wednesday, and how I didn't collapse on the way home! HOORAY! Am I a runner yet? 

Yesterday, I hit up Walmart for some juice on sale. I got this to add to the great veggie burger challenge

These were hands-down the best so far! I had it with leftover tzatziki, rice, and The Sister's homemade hummus! 

Friday night, Steven made me cart him around town, and then he got all pretty and dressed up and abandoned me for another woman. Just kidding. He went to a party, so I did this: 

And it was actually a really nice Friday night. :)

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