Thursday, 2 August 2012

3 AM and Red Velvet Cake

          2.38 miles.

          The dog woke me up at 3 AM sounding the bark alarm.

          "Perimeter breach at Sector 1A (Front Door)," she informed me when I stumbled downstairs.

          I tied her up.
          I had to be up at 4:30 anyway to drive Steven to the airport, so I was grumpy. Especially since she went back to sleep but I couldn't. NOT FAIR.

          Luckily, my run went well, so that cheered me up. My pace is slower than last week, but at least my distances aren't lagging too far behind. Forever optimist, that's me.

          When I got home, I found Jenbeans' latest creation on the stove, a boule of some sort, baked in the cast iron. So cut myself a slice, fried up an egg with tomatoes, parsley and arugula. Oh, and cheese. Mmm, cheese.

          In the afternoon, I did 750 meters in the pool pretending I'm Michael Phelps. Zoooom!

This is what I did tonight as I worked on some editing for my job.

          Never leave me, Red Velvet Cake. I <3 you.

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