Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Look at me! I'm like healthy and everything now!

I had an early start to the day this morning as I signed up for the next few weeks to teach a 7 AM led Ashtanga. It's a serious RUSH, as we only have 50 minutes to get through as much of primary as we can. I was so surprised to hear that the previous teacher had done full vinyasa, which I was enthused about, and fully support. No better way to build strength than vinyasa-ing until you can't feel your arms. 

After my class went off to their regular jobs like proper adults, I lit some candles and did my own Ashtanga practice. I have very, very much missed doing yoga on a hardwood floor without a bed or bedmate in the way. 

By the time I got home, I got hit with the nap bug again. This time, I was out for about 2 hours before I woke up with the, "WTF happened" feeling. 

Naturally, I went on the internet to read through my blogs and generally waste my time. 

That's when I came across this

I've been meaning to make better use of the 180nutrition protein powder I purchased nearly a month ago. I use it in my cereal in the mornings, but I would love to have more of it during the day. 

So I dug around in the kitchen for some sort of blending machine that could grind up some almonds and dates.

I was SO delighted to find this hand-held food processor that I literally pranced out of the house IN MY PAJAMAS (proof above) to get to the store. 

Eleven dollars and a bit more prancing later, I came home to blitz up some protein balls. 

 This photo collage makes it look a lot easier than it really was. 

The hand-held food processor is actually quite small, and I had to shake and shimmy with that bad boy quite a bit to get the dates to blitz up. I also didn't use exact measurements, so I was doing a lot of tasting and guessing. Lastly, because I'm not rolling in the green, I had to swap out some of the more expensive ingredients for cheaper stuff, like Kraft peanut butter instead of almond butter, honey instead of stevia, and instead of coconut flakes.....nothing..... I also didn't have goji, but I imagine it would be fantastic in these. As would all those other ingredients I'm too broke to afford...

They needed to set in the fridge for a few hours, so I sat down to eat this afterwards: 

You're saying leftover roast potatoes and jarred pasta sauce isn't healthy?! Pshaw, it's like 2 servings of vegetables! 

Mmm! A really delicious dessert (even though it looks like mashed up poop). 

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