Saturday, 1 June 2013

I joined a GYM!

Last night, Steven and I cashed in our savings, sold all our stuff, and sunk our money into our local gym.

Ok, that's not exactly how it happened.

It was more like, "Oh, it's only 71 dollars in total for the month, and I can bring Steven every single time, and I can cancel without penalty?"

"Let me just transfer some money to you and sign this little piece of paper. Thanks."

I am now a proud owner of this beepy tag thing that allows me to enter the Crunch premises.

It sounds weird, but I am looking forward to running on a treadmill on a weekly basis. Not only will it give my knees a break from the unavoidable downhills of North Sydney, but I can also zone out and listen to my beloved Radiolab podcasts without tripping over tree roots, run into poles, or get hit by a car.

Also, Crunch is like the largest gym in gym history (totally made that up), so there's plenty of space for Steven and I to amaze the crowds with our AcroYoga ninja-ness.

What gym have you joined, and why?

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