Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blogging from the phone

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my computer had been acting all screwy, flipping constantly between AC mode and battery mode when plugged in. When it decided to heal itself the day after, I believed it was just screwyness due to the Supermoon.

But the problem has come back. Calling the Asus Help Desk in Sydney just confirmed my fears--there is a deep wiring issue, possibly with the motherboard which is really the entire backbone of a computer. If it turns out that I need to replace the motherboard, I might as well buy myself a new computer or tablet completely.

So I have decided not to take my poor laptop to the doctor's office (aka the Asus shop), especially since we will be city hopping and then country hopping in a few weeks. I would be spending less and less time in front of it's luminescent glowing screen anyway.

That's why I'm taking this blog on the road. I'm sitting right now on a train taking me into the city, marvelling in the magic of technology, and blogging from my PHONE. Guys, I thought Instagram was cool...this blows my mind!

By the way here is a picture of my new pants I got on sale the other day! Skinny to the jeans, yo!

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