Sunday, 15 July 2012

Running - week three

July 8 to 14
Miles last week: 8.37
Miles this week: 5.29

          Rest day...that is, a day of teaching many, many classes, so no breaking records today. I'm a money-making maaachine (that is, money-sucking machine. Someone get me a JOOOOBBBB!!!).

          Ashtanga kicked my ass. That is all.

          750 meters in the pool. 1.28 miles on the pavement.

          Swimming is getting easier! It's like I've got my gills back. Easier to breathe, easier to paddle, easier to push through the tired parts. Running also felt like a dream after two days of rest. I got into such a good rhythm, it felt like a shame to stop.

          1.17 miles with Steven. He made me run really fast. Really fast. Bluurrgghhh.

          Ashtanga, I kicked your ass. Thanks.

          800 meters in the pool. 1.28 hard, hot miles on the pavement.


          1.56 miles. My left ankle is bothering me... hrrmm...

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