Sunday, 1 July 2012

Running - week one

June 24 to 30
Miles this week: 4.51

          Ate some ice cream, watched some tv, otherwise lazy and sore from Sunday marathon teaching

          1.17 miles, developing a nasty-ass blister on my right big toe. Ugh.

          I woke up today feeling raunchy. Could hardly walk on my left ankle. No running today.

          Tried to sneak into the YMCA with my sister's pass, but got caught and thrown out. BOO.

          So, I did 1.28 miles around the neighborhood. Gotta work that left Plantar Fascia.

          Maybe I'll swim tomorrow...

          Feeling fat and regretting the burger + frings from Harveys at midnight last night.... *guilt*

          1.27 miles. It's one of those days when you notice every slight rise in the ground, and every slight downhill feels like heaven.

          Walked over to the community pool and found it CLOSED UNTIL JULY 3. There goes that idea!

          Pathetic 0.79 miles. Going out at 12:30 was a bad idea. It was so hot my shoes melted right off my feet.

          OK, no they didn't, but still. I'm meltinggggg.....

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