Sunday, 8 July 2012

Running - week two

July 1 to July 7
Miles last week: 4.51
Miles this week: 8.37

          1.33 miles in the most perfect weather for a jog--cool, breezy and sunny. I could've kept going, but I was thirsty and hungry.

            Arrived in New York! Explored the financial district and walked up to Soho for some shopping. About 7 or 8 hrs on my feet? Exhausted.

            1 mile on the treadmill, at a 1.5 incline. Horrible, dreadful thing. It’s boring as hell and not exactly challenging. I don’t think I lost control of my breath, like sometimes the outdoors makes me do.

            More walking today!

          A beautiful, rainy 1.63 around Battery City Park NY. It's so nice to not know where you're going!

          Caught my flight home, the sistah picked me up at the airport, and the 2-dog-alien-thing mauled me as soon as I got in the door.

          Then, I did 1.61 miles in the evening in the T dot O dot. I miss the unpredictableness of a new landscape. It gets boring to run around the neighborhood, you know?

          I've forgotten how to swim.

          I think I once knew how...and I knew how to surf, too, right? I'm an embarrassment to the sport...both of them...

         Anyway, I muscled my way through 500 meters in the pool. And then 1.16 miles on a run. Hopefully, I can increase mileages of both my swims and runs...


          1.64 miles.

          An old man passed me.

          I don't think I'm taking over the world.... *sigh*

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