Saturday, 21 July 2012

Running - week four

July 15 to July 21
Miles last week: 5.29
Miles this week: 10.25

          It rained. A. Lot.

          Not that rain should stop me from running. But digging out my gutter with bare hands and shoveling water out of my garage sure did. That's what friends are for, eh?

          1.91 cool, wet miles in the morning.

          The swimming pool is CLOSED!? What am I going to do about my back, my ribs, my condition, man?! HOW AM I EVER GOING TO GET BETTER IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR POOL TO WOOORRRKKKK?!?!?!?

          1.94 disappointed-about-the-pool miles in soupy, muggy heat.

          850 meters in the pool. 1.17 miles on the pavement.

          Moon day today, and it certainly felt like it! All I wanted to do was cuddle my dog and eat chocolate cookies.

          So I did.

          800 meters in the pool. 1.58 miles on the pavement, galloping with my little canine friend.

          We ran the poop out of her. We ran the pee out of her. And then we ran the gallop out of her too. She's a puddle of hot dog now. :)

          1.35 miles with Steven at Steven-pace.

          We ran the sleepy out of me. We ran the "good morning!" out of him. And then we ran the Steven-pace out of Steven. :)

Saturday afternoon
          I felt so good after the run with Steven in the morning, that I did 2.3 with the dog in the afternoon. Breaks for water and belly rubs.

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