Friday, 1 March 2013

I didn't know Instagram was this much fun!

I really don't consider myself a technology noob, not when I'm comfortable switching Apple-Android-PC-Mac as often as I do (Steven is Mac, I'm PC).

Remember these awesome ads?

But by Golly, I didn't realize how much fun this Instagram business is!


Have you ever seen such a glorious bowl of Cheerios?!! HAVE YOU??!

Do you see what I did in this one? I FRAMED IT!!! I FRAMED MY LUNCH!!

 It even makes me doing yoga at home in front of my laptop EXCITING and ROMANTIC and INTERESTINGLY-HUED!

Is Twitter this fun too?

Btw, you can follow me on Instagram now! My name may resemble something like Morethansevenpairs..... look me up!

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