Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The blackest, bloodiest blister ever

I'm on a hurt-myself-while-running kick lately.

I'd previously subjected you to the ugly pavement burns I got from my fall last Wednesday. 

I won't do that to you now.

All you need to know is, I was ready to conquer the hills yesterday morning, like I conquered the laundry. 

I already had a massive blister on my left big toe due to all the walking this weekend around Sydney. 

So halfway through Mile 2, I noticed that the blister started hurting.  

I got home, peeled off the Vibrams, and my toe was BLACK. 

It's so gross I had to put a Band Aid over it so it wouldn't freak out my yoga classes yesterday afternoon. 

Luckily, my black toe is not for naught! I am so proud of my stats:

That's 4.6 km in 32 minutes, and considering the monster hills I climbed, I'm pretty damn proud! 

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