Thursday, 21 March 2013

A great running bra: Adidas!

Who's ready to run? I am!

Sorry for the horrible "peeing-on-the-curb" and weirdo smile. Why must run poses always be so awkward?

So I found a great running bra!

As you can tell, it's from Adidas, it's salmon-y pink. It's simple and effective.

What I like best is the back:

The clasp-back on a sports bra may be the smartest thing I've never thought of.

It means you don't have to dislocate a shoulder in order to get out of it, and it fits nice and snug around the ribcage.

This bra gives lots of support, but feels like you're hardly wearing anything.

Best of all, it was only $45 AUS!

Considering lululemon stuff is in the 60-70 price range, a $45 sports bra is like hitting the jackpot (at least in my opinion). I may have to go back and pick up another training/yoga bra.

My stats today:

No knee pain yet! I'm liking my distances so far, even though the hills leave me gasping every time.

Now I'm off to plant myself in front of the TV and hope for my favourite show: The Biggest Loser; The Next Generation, Australian version. It's SO GOOD!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. That looks like a great sports bra and will have to try it.I have gynecaumastia and although I am not overweight have a large chest that needs support.I have tried loads of different brands and when I do find one that works well I buy lots.I can say well over 20.

  2. Hi Andrew! Thanks for stopping by!

    Yes, I went back later to the Adidas store to get more, but they were out! They only make a few each year of each style, so I'm going to have to wait until next year for more. My only complaint about this bra is that they didn't make enough colours!

    1. The back is similar to the energy tank top ,but I think the only colors I might be interested in would be black,blue,and white.Your right sports bras with an open back or keyhole design look good.If you can believe I am a 36D.

    2. Wow! That is quite a load to carry. Some larger-chested friends of mine complain about the weight, and in yoga, maneuvering around them. Do you find it hard to manage?

      Let me know if you find any great bras! haha! I'm ALWAYS shopping for more. :)

    3. It really depends on what I am doing.Normally just one sports bra will be sufficient.Any high impact activities I will wear an encapsulated sports bra with a compression or bra tank top over.The only problem is on really hot humid days you almost feel like your in a sauna.For me its not really maneuvering as it is agitation from bouncing without a sports bra.I have many favorites and not too sure if you have tried.The vixen from moving comfort is good(2)champion 1050(shape 2000)sports bra as well as the 360(1612)and the show off(1666)(3)Victorias Secret VSX sports bra-another new favorite and another one just recently tried was the pure lime 0098 model.The champion action tech 029 has always been a favorite in compression sports bras.I have tried lots but only in racerback styles.

    4. Thanks for the list! I'll definitely try some of these out when I'm back to real life. ;)

  3. Seems to be pretty comfortable workout bra. Last month, purchased new workout clothes for workouts and yoga. Have been using them since then and those are really comfortable. Have seen my productivity increasing too.