Thursday, 22 November 2012

Run: Blurry Garmin Photos

I did it. I ran.

And it felt GOOD!

In order to keep all the gains I've had recently in Ashtanga (not only bound Mary D, but friggin' half lotus twice on my bum knee!) I had several goals this run.

1) Play with Jen's Garmin:

I put it by the door, which must be made out of lead because it couldn't find a satellite for a good 15 mins. So, I moved it next to the window in the living room, and it got it in 2 minutes.

Keeping track of the distance I'd already covered made it easy to...

2) Stay under 1 mile:

Sorry for messing with your eyes.

Here's what it says:

Time: 8:22:7
Distance: 1.34 km or 0.83 miles
Pace: 6:15 min/km or 10:03 min/mile
Calories: 98

Just as I got home, I started to feel less hyperventilate-y and my legs felt like they finally found a pace. It sucks that I have to keep my runs under 1 mile because 1 mile feels like a warm up. I really hope that working up my mileage slowly will allow me to keep my flexibility in my hips, and pain out of my knees.

Staying under 4 miles a week will be worth it in the long run when I'm both a superstar runner and a rockstar Ashtangi.

Patience and determination.


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