Monday, 22 October 2012

Welcome home, yoga mat!

Last night, Steven was the groomsman to his friend's wedding. I got up early to drive him to the men's breakfast.

Then I went for some Hot Yoga, which I haven't done in more than a month!

It felt really good to stretch out in a hot environment. Hot Yoga doesn't have the athleticism or grace of Ashtanga, but it's still good, useful work.

My mat has seen better days.

When I first got it a year ago, I was so happy with Jade. It was sticky to my hands and feet in hot, sweaty situations, and had enough depth to feel really comfortable lying down or on the knees.

It's also biodegradable...and it biodegraded right under my hands.

While I'm sure the trail of pink bits on studio floors is a nice little surprise for floor sweepers ( WOAH PINK STUFF!), I couldn't take the pink stuff all over my clothes and towels anymore.




I've only used this beautiful blue baby once, but everyone, everyone EVERYONE says mandukas rock their world.

Plus, the lifetime warranty helps justify the hefty price tag (about $100 after tax).

However, these mats aren't as grippy as the Jade, so you'll need a towel to lay on top of it if you plan on getting as slippery and slimy as we Ashtangi's usually do.

More on the wedding and the other $100 I spent yesterday coming up soon!

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