Thursday, 18 October 2012

Taking the week off

Last week, after my long-ish run, I felt quite a bit of pain in my knees. It got worse and worse as the days went on, and by Tuesday's Ashtanga, I was really sore in my knees even standing and sitting.

So I've pushed the big red "STOP" button.

It's time to take some time off.

It's been hard, especially since I've been getting fat off of all this delicious fall harvest food, like roasted squash (of all varieties), kale and those super crisp apples.


My breakfasts have been more kale than eggs lately, but that's fine with me. I like kale!

I'm really looking forward to running again, and working on my mileage.

Alas, until they invent bionic knees then I'll be sitting on the couch, watching trash TV and eating apples (and donuts).

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