Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More Ashtanga Backbends

This morning, David Robson told me that I have a curve in my spine!


Hurray for scoliosis?

He said it was nothing to worry about, and I totally believe him.

After all, all of us are infected with something or other, like us Asians. It's one of those things that is only a problem when it's severe, and those cases are rare.

In backbends today, he pushed me pretty far down on the 3 half-way dips. And on my last drop down to hold, he told me to "walk your hands in" a LOT.

He also said to walk my right hand in further than my left.

I walked in so much that I swear I nearly touched my feet (which was crazy cool), and then my left arm went numb.

Google told me that I have a pinched nerve, or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I would really like to floss and gloss my nerves, please, like the last treatment says.

Anyway, I came home and ran up and down the big MoFo of a hill near my house TWO times!

When I came home to stretch, the dog decided to help me.

She looks epic when she's towering over you.

That's my hero dog!

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