Saturday, 27 October 2012

Being 26 on the 26th

This is the last day of 26! And a good riddance, too.

Onwards to my late-twenties and perhaps more maturity (but probably not).

Today, I slept in---meaning I woke up at 7:30 feeling refreshed and ready for my pre-birthday celebrations.

I put in a decent effort at the shala. I did Marichiyasana B and D for the first time since upping the running ante. I'm going to have to keep my running miles low in order to keep my Ashtanga awesomeness up, eh? Alas.

After Ashtanga, I raced home and grabbed the dog. She had an appointment to get shots into her Two-Bum.

Here, and here.

Sorry for the laundry basket and piles of wood in my house. It doesn't look pretty, no, but there's a reason, I swear! The reason might be "lazy" but that is besides the point.

What is the point, you ask?

Don't ask me, I'm only 26. I'm a kid.

"Sorry your bum-bum hurts, Dog. I'm sorry you don't understand why walking up and down the stairs hurts you or why you feel lethargic. I'm sorrryyyyy!"

For dinner, Jenbeans took me to Agra on Yonge and Sheppard.

Jumbo Tandoori Shrimp. Jen, Eric and Ferrari-Boy indulged in these.

Why am I calling him Ferrari-Boy instead of Strawberry Jam-Boy like he should be called?

Because he's afraid everyone will think he really likes strawberry jam and will buy him strawberry jam when they go to France (ahem...). He made sure to clarify that he likes it, but would rather be called Ferrari-Boy if it means people buy him stuff for his birthday or as souvenirs.

He makes a good point though.


Okra! Delicious.

Palak Paneer. Good, but a little too oniony and not the greasy creamy stuff you usually get. Not that I'm complaining!

The butter chicken that I didn't have.

My plate!

Overall, Agra is good, but Banjara is still my favourite.

The sister did something silly and bought me stuff from Lululemon, even though I get a discount there since I'm a yoga teacher (sort of).

She got me arm sleeves for running and a light running zip-up.


SISTER! You kill meeeeee....

But she shoved them in this tubey thing and wrote "To Sandy Beans". Which is awesome-sauce.


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