Monday, 22 October 2012

Didn't get my hair done, nails done, but...

I don't get "retail therapy".

I think of it more like "retail punishment".

Why would women ENJOY spending their hard-earned dollar on their faces.

Faces are faces. They exist. What more is there?

Money should be spent on food, dogs, travel, running shoes and yoga mats (obviously).

So it was a real adventure when I went into the beauty store yesterday to pick up some stuff for the wedding.

I went straight to the Clinique section as they are hypoallergenic and I have a tendency to rash out. A nice woman named Jennifer came over and asked if I needed any help.

I thought my pimple-ridden face would have told her everything.

"I need something to cover up my pimples," I said.

"Oh, OK, what's your normal skin care regimen?"

"Water and body lotion?"

She looked at me like I had stolen her child and ate her puppy. 

She called in the reinforcements. Several other ladies came over and cluck-clucked at my sorry state.

One told me I have milia, because the waxes in the body lotion were clogging up my pores.

Let's just say that I walked away with $140 worth of stash and a bunch of samples.

I don't usually throw away $140 on a whim. That $100-yoga mat took me a LOONNNG time and lots of deliberation.

But I like to think about it this way: I haven't EVER thrown out a mascara or eye-liner.

Meaning the ones I've been using are probably older than my dog.

And that can't be right, right?

Like the post title says, I didn't worry much about my hair (hopeless) or nails (who's going to look at my NAILS?!) so I'm obviously winning at this Don't-Look-Like-A-Hag act.

In other news, I consumed about 6 cupcakes all by myself.

And this beautiful and fun new lady friend taught me the "proper" way of eating them.

You've gotta rip off the bottom, stack it on top of the frosting like a cupcake sandwich. Very clever, this girl. She has my vote.

They had a great photobooth going. You got a copy of the pictures, and with the other copy, you got to make a scrapbook page for the new couple.

I think by the end of the night, we had made three.

Super fun!

Look, we're grown-ups!! :)

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