Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beautiful run and delicious lunch

I set out for an early evening run today to conquer the trail I couldn't find previously.

Well, I did it. I found it.

Ok, I took take a little detour...BUT I STILL FOUND THAT BITCH.


This roughly 2 miler loop is called Balls Head Reserve (yes, ha-ha, I know). 

It's incredibly beautiful. 

You start on a gum-tree-lined residential street with the bay in the distance.

Then, the houses end and you get to a peninsula jutting out into the river. This is the start of the loop. To your left is the gorgeous Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

You have a choice here, to continue onto the shorter route along the road, or take a trail.

Sorry for the blurry picture...I was trying not to trip over my feet. 

The trail ends far too soon (I think I was only on it for 5 minutes?), and you exit onto the main looping road. There are gum trees everywhere, and the smell of eucalyptus in the air is refreshing and invigorating. 

I wish Balls Head was bigger so that my run wouldn't be so short. 

Yes, I did just wish for a bigger Balls Head (giggle, sorry I'm 14-years-old apparently). 

No run would be complete without my compression socks. 

I'm loving these socks, by the way. I really do think they help me recover faster, with less soreness and stiffness the next day. 

However, I haven't tried them after a long run, since I'm limiting my runs to no longer than 2.5 miles these days anyway. 

My stats: 
2.25 miles
25:36 min
11:23 min/miles

On a completely unrelated note, I made some yummy food the other day: rice paper wraps!

For the all-important sauce, I bought that shameful Plum sauce hiding in the back. It's horrible, dreadful stuff. Don't use it. Don't waste your money. You're better off licking dishwasher fluid.

Instead of poisoning myself with plum crap sauce, I combined Vegetarian oyster sauce, honey, lime, and chopped parsley. Delicious.

This makes an incredibly easy lunch or snack. 

Douse the rice paper wrapper under the sink for just 3 seconds, set it on a plate. 

Layer on some fresh lettuce, spinach, or whatever green you like. But you MUST remember the Thai basil. That shit makes this so yummy you'll want to slather it all over your face. 

Then, if you have some tofu, cashews or eggplants, put those in too. 

Spoon in some sauce, and wrap it up. 

Go to town. 

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  1. So jealous...hope I'll be running again soon. I am a wimp and rarely run in winter! Also, I LOVE that tank!