Monday, 17 December 2012

Brisbane Kangaroo Point oh-bloody-pain run

Is it that time again?


Run time!!

This evening, I took my Garmin out on the Brissy town.

When we first got to Brisbane, I was amazed by how many walking/running/biking trails there were all over the city.

They even made 3 specific paths for a shorter run (red, 3.39 km), a longer one (blue, 6.47 km), and the longest (green, 8 km).

In my non-running condition, I decided to do none of these. Just go as far as I could along the river to Kangaroo Point.

The running path seemed awesome when I first started.

Designated pathway for bikes vs. runners.

Beautiful river to the left, arbour pathway to the right.

Eventually the cliffs appeared to my right. Lots of local rock-climbing groups use these cliffs as practice. You can sort of see two people standing at the top. I think they climbed up there. Or they're climbing down. Not really sure. 

In any case, they're definitely having more fun that I was, fighting the wind today!

These Brisbane-ers are really healthy. 

The paths were busy with runners/walkers and I saw plenty of this along the way--outdoor boot camps! These guys were kicking and punching on a giant chessboard (I think?) in front of Kangaroo Cliffs. 

This was the view from the Kangaroo Cliffs looking out at Brisbane River. Awesome sunset that my crappy iPhone didn't really get. Sorry! 

By the time I was running home, I could really feel my knees and the blisters on my feet. I'm in no running form, and the hard concrete path didn't help either. 

My sad, sad stats: 
27.24 minutes
2.77 miles
9:53 min/mile average

Not exactly a stellar run, but every run counts, even the sad ones, right? 

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