Saturday, 29 December 2012

A triathlon...of sorts

For Christmas and New Years, Steven and I are staying in a beautiful condo in Melbourne.

We chose it for its amenities: pool, hot tub, gym, grocery and mall right underneath.

We figured, if we're stuck indoors for Christmas and New Years when everything's closed, we might as well go to the gym and attempt to make some muscles. We hear all the pretty girls like big muscles.

I went around the world (like 2 or 3 different bookstores, so a huge bother to my very busy life...not) to find this book because this girl kept mentioning it in her blog. So far, it's very readable and interesting, and I've only read 2 pages!

I've been anticipating this book for so long that I was already inspired by the cover. I decided to do my version of a triathlon in our beautiful gym/pool.

We lifted heavy, HEAVY weights in the first leg of my triathlon.

Steven told me what to do, because I'm not sure how to make muscles, and he has some, so maybe he'll give me some. He's going to be my trainer!

Then, I went on a bike and I did about 20 minutes of biking.

The last part of my triathlon was the EPIC swim.

The pool in this building is amazing. It's 25 meters and almost always deserted! I did a few good laps, but my arms were sore from the first part of our triathlon.

This is what TRIUMPH looks like (in an elevator). 

What would your triathlon be, if you could do anything?

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