Tuesday, 28 May 2013


This year has been one heck of a year for bugs invading my body. It's only May and I swear I have been sick nearly once a month.

That being said, this sickness isn't nearly as bad as the week before New Zealand. I still sneeze up some disgusting boogers in the morning, my throat feels raw, and my nose drips whenever I hold my head down at a forty-five degree angle... like now...as I am typing this...

Because my head didn't feel woolly or sledgehammer-y this morning, I decided to give "Ashtanga while sick" another try.

Remember this? And my subsequent regret in trying it?

Surprisingly, I was strong through the warm up. It felt like I could breathe deeper and fuller as I hung upside-down in Downward Facing Dog. In the standing postures, my legs felt steady and grounded. Jumping back and forward, my arms felt strong and powerful.

I even did 3 drop backs, lift-ups, and headstand (not in that order).

Compared to the last time I attempted to practice while (severely) sick, this felt like a breeze! I am glad I did it.

Tonight, Steven and I had originally planned to sign up for a gym membership at Crunch fitness near our house. They have this awesome deal where if one person signs up, the other person can get in free each time.

We went for our free trial over the weekend, and both of us love the size of the place (huge!), the facilities (weights in pounds!), and the friendly staff (he seriously did look like a Ken doll). I did a challenging treadmill hill run, and gloried in the fact that I didn't have to inflict sharp downhills on my 90-year-old knees.

Anyway, we'll probably hold off on going to the gym until I feel 100% again.

Plus, my arms are sore.

BACK TO BED (as if I ever left)!

By the way, these are the best tissues ever invented. It feels like I'm disinfecting my nose each time I shove one of these up in my nostrils to stop the drip.

Sexy mental image, eh?

You're welcome.

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