Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Highlights of the weekend: 13 Rooms!

This weekend, I heard that a cool art exhibition was going on at the wharves, so after my Saturday morning yoga class, I had Steven meet me there.

13 Rooms is a free public art exhibit, part of an art series that has been to Sydney in previous years.

The line-up was discouraging but it actually moved really quickly.

Twenty minutes later, we were in.

My favourite exhibition happened right at the start.

A greeter handed us some pamphlets and said, "Scientists study spread of new China bird flu." (or something to that general direction.)

It turns out this was a "piece of art" aiming to incite interesting social interactions from a piece of "current" news. This "piece of art" came from 2003 and was entitled "News".

I had a HOOT watching people ignore the poor girl (literally, I think I hooted several times). I think very few people realized that SHE one of the pieces of art work happening there!

Most of the art was moving, interactive, and human-based. There were line-ups to plenty of the popular exhibits like "Swap" where the artist sits in a chair at a table asking people to swap stuff (often rubbish...seriously, one girl swapped a piece of plastic wrap that once housed a cheese sandwich) for other stuff.

I swapped my hand sanitizer for a magazine!

But my hands-down favourite was Revolving Doors:

The dancers in grey formed the arms of the revolving door and walked around while people walked inside the spaces with them. Often, they would try to smoosh you, which is what's happening here to those people in the corner.

I think I spent 20 minutes in here alone just running around like a kid.

My other favourites were these two:

We left the exhibit in high spirits, feeling all artsy fartsy for free!

I had a really great time, and would have loved to go back to play with more revolving doors, but the exhibit closed that evening.

Definitely, public art FTW!

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