Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Sydney Harbour Walk - Double Bay to Rose Bay

Since moving to our home in North Sydney, I've run/walked Balls Head Reserve many-oh-many a-time.

While it shames me to say it, I think I might even be getting bored of it!

So I decided first thing in the morning that I would change things up and try one of the many walks listed in this book:

Since it's on the train line, I decided to do this one: Double Bay to Rose Bay.

The pictures in the book were a little misleading, though the text was true to its word.

There are some beautiful views starting off at the small neighbourhood park, Steyne Park.

However, there beach right off Steyne Park doesn't connect to Double Bay, so you have to go back to the busy streets to get there.

You go through the Redleaf Pool area which is a public swimming part of the bay netted off from the rest of the bay with a jetty.

You go down some steps....

And there it is! You can walk along the jetty and enjoy some sun and breeze.

Then, it's back to the residential roads and lanes, which are quite disappointing because they are full of traffic, noise and smog on a Tuesday morning.

Finally, I made it to Rose Bay:

And was rewarded with this sweet little beach:

There was a Stand-Up Paddleboarding class going on and some kayakers enjoying the day.

I took these stairs out of the park and started to climb a little residential hill before I realized that I was missing a whole chunk of the walk!

You can sort of see it beyond the house in the foreground. There's a long section of the walk that goes beside the main street all around Rose Bay.


Anyway, a 2 hr walk was enough for me, especially since I had a date with some Mexican.

Perfect way to end a long walk!

I would only rate this walk a 4/10 since it takes you down too many main streets with very little time in comparison by the harbour (then again, I did miss a chunk of it).

I had downloaded and listened to 2 Radiolab podcasts: Bliss and Inheritance. Both were extremely excellent and engaging. I can't wait to download more for my walk next week!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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