Thursday, 17 October 2013

Les Miserables was Awesome Sauce x a Million

After work last night, Steven and I (and a bunch of friends) had tickets!! 


To that thing, that I LOVE! 

Les Mis has been my favourite musical for a very long time. Basically, reading the libretto and listening to the CD on repeat was the highlight of my tweens. I even made Steven watch the movie ("Is it ALL singing?" "Yes") when it came out last year.

It was a 7:30 start, so we had a bite to eat at the Tim Horton's next door like real classy folk. (For you non-Canadians, Tim Hortons is our local cheap, quick coffee shop. There's one at nearly every street corner.)

Because of it's location next to the theatre, this Tim Hortons sold Les Mis donuts!!!! DONUTS!!!

I was sooo happy with the cast and staging. It was a really wonderful first-time Les Mis experience for all of us. If you're in Toronto, I'd definitely recommend putting aside some time to see this musical. 

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