Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Day in Adelaide

1. Yesterday, I started my day with a run through the "linear parks" of Adelaide, eventually making my way to the South Park Lands. (top left picture in the collage.). This is what happens when a hill-trained runner finds herself on flat land: FASTEST 10K EVER!

2. It was a rainy Saturday in Adelaide, so Steven and I took our tourist-ing indoors to the famous St. Peter's Cathedral in North Adelaide. We did a self-guided walking tour. Isn't it amazing what people have built without modern cranes and technology? It's a beautiful, friendly spot for a wander on a rainy day. (bottom left of collage)

3. (Centre picture) We had lunch at E for Ethel, a North Adelaide locally-run gift and coffee shop. We weren't too impressed with the food--it felt very homemade and simple, stuff we could make at home! But the atmosphere was wonderful, coffee was good, and all the trinkets and giftware on the shelves around the cafe were definitely worth the visit.

4. (top right) As it was rainy, rainy, rainy (like I haven't mentioned it 2000 times before), Steven and I took the party indoors to the cinema. We saw Wolverine. Without getting into any spoilers, it was AWESOME but only because I have a huge crush on Hugh Jackman (and I think Steven has a crush on him too...Sorry to expose you, babe, but it's true). The plot was cliche, corny, and I'm sorry to say, badly scripted.

5. The "Canadian Candy Now Available" sign was spotted at a local confectionary chain. We had to see what "Canadian Candy" was, and at what price. It turns out Caramilk, Mr Big, and Big Turk are all Canada-only, and terribly overpriced. I was tempted to get a Mr Big, but I couldn't find it in this particular location. It's probably for the best, as Mr Big retails something like $1.25 back home and something like $3.00 here.

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