Monday, 22 July 2013

How to be a tourist while you're sick and unenthusiastic about everything

Today, Steven and I took a drive 2 hours north of Perth to Nambung National Park, to see the Pinnacles Desert.

 We had been looking forward to seeing this big tourist attraction on Western Australia since we first planned our trip. Out of the green brush, they literally just pop up out of desert. Weird, eerie, psychadelic. Like Stonehenge, but less planned and smaller in size. On our drive there, we even told our own Aboriginal stories for the Pinnacles that made little sense. (They're dead ancestors rising from the sand to slay those who have wronged them.... Maybe Game of Thrones is getting to our heads a little? WINTER IS COMING! OMG!)

We were entertained with these road signs as we drove towards the desert:

Emus crossing.

Kangaroos, emus and... wombats? Porcupines? I have no idea what that last one is.

Anyway, I was a REAL treat on this road trip, coughing and sneezing my brains out while poor Steven had to bear the entire drive. Often I'd fall in and out of sleep while he had to navigate and swerve to avoid kangaroo roadkill (Well, he didn't have to swerve, but we did see a dead kangaroo on the side of the road... sad).

While we hiked a measly little 100 meters, I complained all the way of how hungry and tired and thirsty I was. (I really was! We hadn't eaten since breakfast!). The real hike is something like 1.2 km, but I only barely made it out of the car park.

I was a big grouch until we got back to the car and on the road towards Eff Double O Dee. 

By the time we got back to Perth, both of us were horribly hungry in the worse way. I nearly lost my shit at the Japanese Donburi house because the idiot there didn't know how to package a to-go bag with a bowl AND a box. It was like watching a perfectly intelligent human try to put a square peg in a circular hole. 

Anyway, that was my day being a big ol' cranky, hungry bitch. Tomorrow, we bring the crank-show west! 

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