Thursday, 24 January 2013

Best day in a while

After my run yesterday (I'll blog about this later!) I woke up feeling pretty good. I was determined to paper the town with my resumes. 


I took a train (btw, 6 dollars for the ride. SIX DOLLARS! Gawds, I'm so poor now.) over to Chatswood, a  suburb in northern Sydney.

Actually, I had an ulterior motive in coming here to Chatswood. 

It is the location of a Lululemon store, and you know how I love to get my lemons on. 

The ladies here were super nice (as they are everywhere), and asked me a bunch of questions. They didn't seem to mind that my visa only allows me to work with any one employer for 6 months. 

I'm invited to an open interview soon, and I hope I get a job (for the sake of both Steven and my sanity). 

My lunch was Sumo Salad, this fast food chain with ready-made salads in nearly every food court I've been in here in Aussie-land. 

I chatted with Steven about how happy I was that the Lulus were nice to me. 

Then, I went for a walk around Chatswood since I'd already paid the $6 to get there. 

I was looking about the shops when I saw the mighty OM sign in a window. Naturally, I examined it further, and found The Yoga Hotspot

I went inside and talked to David, the co-owner of the studio, and I'm excited to practice, and possibly teach (!!!!) at The Yoga Hotspot. 

Then, as I was walking back to the train station, glowing with happiness, some guy came up to me and said, "Sorry to stop you, but I couldn't let this chance walk away from me." 

"So, you're pretty cute, and I thought I'd just try to talk to you." 

"How are you doing?" 

When I picked my jaw back up from the floor, for a milli-second I thought about toying with this guy, but then I said, "I have a boyfriend. Sorry." 

"Boyyyyyfrrriieennndd?!?" he moaned. 

"Good luck!" I patted him on the shoulder. 

And that's the makings of a pretty awesome day. 

How was yours? 



  2. Awsomesauce! So glad to read a good update (not that you aren't doing great down under but a job and a place to practice and maybe teach yoga will be so fantastic!)

    Miss U!

  3. Thanks Jill! I miss you guys too!