Sunday, 23 September 2012

La Bettola lunch

Remember the days of hour-long lunches in the middle of your dreary 9 to 5?

Oh you don't?



Where is this insulting post going, you ask?

To La Bettola for a work-day lunch my friends! 

It started with fresh bread (not warm though), and olive oil.

A little balsamic vinegar would've made that piece of bread all the better, though.

We started with a really deliciously mushroom cheese arugula salad! 

Then, we had the buffalo mozzarella pizza. Very thin crust. Crazy good mozzarella!

Overall, a really tasty lunch, but without too many options for vegetarians. They have lots of cured meat things which are probably really good, so if you're into that, try it.

The pizza was 17 and the salad 13, so splitting it among the three of us made it a 13-dollar-lunch, which was pretty good for the fancy-shmancyness of the place.

But later, I was super thirsty and not feeling too good at all. I wonder if my system didn't like the salt, or if I was suffering some sort of Consistently-Skipping-Ashtanga-on-Fridays Syndrome.

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